SY680 top type hydraulic breaker


A SY680 top type hydraulic breaker with long crushing distance installed on a compact excavator’s bracket enables installation and operation easier and more diversified

Model Number: SB40/SY680

Product category: Hydraulic breaker

Certification : CE/ISO etc.

whole machine: OEM

Min.order quantity: 1 Set

Warranty: 1 Year

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This is a small model that our company is promoting. The top is connected to the excavator stick, and the quality is subject to the hydraulic breaker's quality inspection for cracking rocks and mines. Our company has always followed internationally accepted equipment manufacturing rules, and all of our excavator connection parts are specially purchased both at home and abroad. Our company guarantees that all equipment and parts have been inspected and certified by the appropriate authorities.

Our company's brand of equipment includes a central drive device, an oil leakage prevention device, an oil pressure management device, a nitrogen buffer device, a drill rod for vibration crushing, and various parts.

Our company's product is primarily used in domestic settings, such as small courtyard repairs, road reconstruction in densely populated areas, secondary ore rolling, and other specialized applications. It can perform block-type operations and is versatile enough to be used in a variety of small excavator settings, such as rock wall layer maintenance.


IMPACT RATEbpm 500-900


Our company has always served customers, and we will make certain that every product is safely delivered to the ideal location for customers. For many years, our company has worked in close collaboration with product painting partners and freight forwarders. We also assist the agents who have been recommended by customers. During the transportation process, we will always inform customers of transportation information. Our mission, we believe, is communication, and we emphasize transparency from production to distribution. Our company's minimum order quantity is one piece, and the more orders we put, the more services we can provide. All of our company's products are available for purchase on our website, and we also offer a variety of services. We have a dedicated technical team, and the shape and paint color of all of our products, as well as various parts and materials, can be customized to meet the needs of our customers. We welcome all contacts via our Facebook page, email, and various social media platforms, and we will provide continuous customer consultation services 24 hours a day.

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