SY530 top type hydraulic breaker


A SY530 top type hydraulic breaker is Semi-open remote rock hammer on top mount suitable for small excavators

Model Number: SB30/SY530
Product category: Hydraulic breaker
Certification : CE/ISO etc.
whole machine: OEM
Min.order quantity: 1 Set
Warranty: 1 Year

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Our product is a small type of crushing breaker that our company launched and installed on the excavator. Our brands are produced in strict accordance with the requirements of the International Breaker Association. We have also introduced the most advanced technical team, we can To ensure the safety and stability of production, we have information for sellers to come to our factory for testing and verification in person. Sincerity and modesty are the principles of our company.
Our company's products are made of the most advanced aluminum alloy and titanium alloy materials. This SY530 is a top-mounted model, and the whole shape presents a straight and vertical state. The main components of this product are the central drive system, buffer device, front-end drilling device, oil pressure input and output control device, and fixing devices composed of various bolts and nuts, as well as free-moving carbide materials. piston. Our company's drill rods can meet a variety of models and shapes, please confirm when placing an order. Our drill rods have cone, wedge, moil, blunt. Different drill rods are suitable for different rock hardness. For example, this conical pointed tip is one of the most common models and is suitable for various demolition projects. Wedge-pointed drill rods are suitable for breaking and rebuilding asphalt pavements. Diamond-pointed drill rods are mainly used for the dismantling of large-scale machinery in heavy industry, and are also suitable for the reconstruction of bridges and the mining of some boulders. Blunt shaped drill rods are mainly used for mining and quarrying of various ores.
Suitable for sand vibrating, pavement ramming, foundation excavation and mine excavation


IMPACT RATE(bpm) 600-1250


Rest assured that our outer cover is made of the most advanced materials. Our company has a professional after-sales team, our team can guarantee a set of services from production to installation and return and exchange.
All products under the brand of our company are guaranteed by quality. Our company's transportation method is mainly by sea. We will pack all products twice, the first is full vacuum packaging and the second is wooden box Reinforced packaging. Our company's freight will be accumulated according to the actual situation. All of our company's products are subject to strict customs inspection, so please rest assured for every customer.

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