SY1950 side type hydraulic breaker


A SY1950 side type hydraulic breaker excavator attachment is Our company developed a huge side-mounted hydraulic breaker used with the excavators weighing up to 60 tons.

Model Number: SY1950
Product category: Hydraulic breaker
Certification : CE/ISO etc.
whole machine: OEM
Min.order quantity: 1 Set
Warranty: 1 Year

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This is a side-mounted super-large hydraulic breaker introduced by our company, suitable for excavators weighing 45 to 70 tons. The notable feature of this device is that it is our company's second super-large machine, which belongs to the largest model of our company's side series. In the continuation of the SB series, our management approach the design of the body's middle cylinder, and we created this rock smashing hammer for super large excavators. Our in-house machine is constructed with refreshed materials for increased wear resistance. Then, our core devices are made of China's most advanced titanium alloy. It is more reliable when heaping and has a much more powerful striking performance. The following are the main components of this machine: iron bolts and nuts on the outer casing, triangular outer protective casing, through bolts throughout the entire mechanical equipment, middle cylinder block, front head and back cap, and various oil seals and oil leakage prevention devices. And drill rods for penetrating objects, among other things.
The hammer/breaker is used in extraction, wastelands, earthworks, and demolition to whittle away at large boulders or existing concrete structures.
All of our company's parts and tools can be bought individually; if the amount of inventory items exceeds 10 pieces, we will offer a part of the hammer as a freebie. The MOQ for all of our company's products is one item, and all of our products are available with free wrapping. One layer of airtight containers and one overlay of timber package encompass our containers. Our company offers a one-year quality guarantee and offers online consultation for any queries or problems that arise during the purchase and use process.
Large excavators have been used in mountainous and watery terrain, especially in many countries, where they can greatly improve operational efficiency. It can be used in the primary and secondary blowing processes, as well as sizable mine drilling and tunnel renovation.


REQUIRED OIL FLOW(L/min) 220-270
IMPACT RATE(bpm) 180-200


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