SY1750 side type hydraulic breaker


A SY1750 side type, a pressure profiles breaker from the SB series that’s designed for short-distance, high-intensity vibration crushing.

Model Number: SB151/SY1750
Product category: Hydraulic breaker
Certification : CE/ISO etc.
whole machine: OEM
Min.order quantity: 1 Set
Warranty: 1 Year

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Our company has launched a greater SB model heavily loaded hydraulic-driven hammer for heavy equipment. Our breaker is significantly more accurate than the tiny breaker, as well as its mechanical vibration frequency has been surpassed. That is used in the mining industries for various of duties. This product is combined with various drill bolts after connecting the drilling rod to split rock layers and ore layer upon layer of highly variable hardness, which does it in a lot of circumstances.
It is used in a spectrum of uses such as metals and alloys crushed stone dissociation, boulder texture hardness testing, and the teardown, smashing, grouping, and composting of number of waste equipment. Recommended for derusting work in metallurgical plants and large ships, as well as heavy rock crushing.
Our large-scale mechanical equipment has been chosen over others due to its superior performance. Customers' specifications are met by customizing the shell and body part components. Our company operates on the tenet of "purchasing the stuff and giving the freebie." Our company promotes a customer-service culture.


MODEL SB151/SY1750
REQUIRED OIL FLOW(L/min) 210-290
IMPACT RATE(bpm) 200-350


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