SY1650 side type hydraulic breaker


A SY1650 side type is a brand new heavy-duty Korean technology test-mounted impact breaker with hydraulically driven impact force enhancement.

Model Number: SB131/SY1650
Product category: Hydraulic breaker
Certification : CE/ISO etc.
whole machine: OEM
Min.order quantity: 1 Set
Warranty: 1 Year

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Our company has introduced a world quality SB series heavy-duty hydraulic-driven breaker for heavy-duty excavators. Our breaker is faster and more accurate than the small breaker, as well as the frequency of mechanical vibration is also trebled. It is used for a variety of tasks in the mining industry. After attaching the hole rod, this product is combined with various drill rods to divide rock layers and ore layers of varying hardness, which can be used in a number of situations.
It's employed in a variety of situations, including metallurgical crushed stone separation, rock layer hardness testing, and the disassembly, crushing, sorting, and recycling of large-scale waste equipment.
Because of its superior performance, our company's large-scale mechanical equipment has been preferred. Customers' requirements are fulfilled by modifying the shell and fuselage components. Our company uses the principles of "buying the product and giving the bonus." Our company fosters a culture of customer service.


MODEL SB131/SY1650
REQUIRED OIL FLOW(L/min) 200-260
IMPACT RATE(bpm) 250-400


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