SY1550 silence type hydraulic breaker


A SY1550 silence type is a a high-performance rock crushing hammer that is more robust and quiet for medium and big excavators.

Model Number: SB121/SY1550

Product category: Hydraulic breaker

Certification : CE/ISO etc.

whole machine: OEM

Min.order quantity: 1 Set

Warranty: 1 Year

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This is the first of a series of large-scale breakers introduced by our company's breaker brand. Our company is dedicated to creating larger, more sophisticated machinery and equipment. This machine is appropriate for extra-large The excavator can meet the noise reduction effect and be better applied to a variety of field operations at the same time. Our company strictly employs South Korean SB series technology and continues to improve the update of machinery and equipment while adhering to international standards. For the replacement work, our top technicians have been constantly experimenting to improve the products, and will soon launch products with improved performance.

A number of through bolts, a piston that can move up and down flexibly, a nitrogen chamber that acts as a buffer in the blow, a middle cylinder that manages the input and output of hydraulic oil, a variety of small and Nuts and bolts for medium and large connections, drill rods for vibration strikes, and housings painted with fine paint represent the main body of this mechanical equipment.

This equipment is used in a variety of places and activities in our lives, such as crushing rocks, mining rocks, excavating tunnels, and drilling oil wells, among other things and using for waste road powder, new road building, and medium-sized power plant cinder crushing and cleaning.


MODEL SB121/SY1550
IMPACT RATEbpm 300-450


We will provide some free parts as long as the order is placed. All of our company's products have passed international quality certification, and we can provide professional quality certification to you. All of our products can be customized to meet the needs of the customer. All of our company's equipment can be ordered through our website, and we can provide you with better service. We welcome customers to contact us through various channels, and we have a complete manual service system. As long as you are on our website or respond by email, we can respond to your message the first time and at the fastest speed.

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