SY1500 top type hydraulic breaker


A SY1500 top type excavator attachment hydraulic breaker is a medium-sized upright hydraulic breaker suitable for flat work on a variety of bumpy terrains.

Model Number: SB100/SY1500
Product category: Hydraulic breaker
Certification : CE/ISO etc.
whole machine: OEM
Min.order quantity: 1 Set
Warranty: 1 Year

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It is applicable to a broad range of working surroundings, not only for the installation and disassembly of some of our common spring and summer natural gas pipelines and the construction of various hilly terrain drilling tunnels, but also for the mining of underground rocks. Its purpose is many different types of. It is required for the cutting of boulders and the complete crushing of rock formations for many times. The construction of underground aquariums that are common in our lives or the decomposition and separation of boulder minerals are inseparable from the operation of SY1500. This piece of mechanical equipment is mainly connected to the extension device of the predecessor of the excavator. The main components of this product are the piston that can move freely, the middle cylinder that controls the oil in and out efficiency of the whole breaker, the through bolts and various bolts and nuts in the whole body, and the rear of the main mechanical body. Nitrogen chamber, and various drill rods for contacting the mechanical body.


MODEL SB100/SY1500
REQUIRED OIL FLOW(L/min) 150-190
IMPACT RATE(bpm) 350-650


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