SY1350 top type hydraulic breaker


A SY1350 top type excavator attachment is top mountable excavator accessories of the highest quality for medium-sized boulder crushing.

Model Number: SB70/SY1350

Product category: Hydraulic breaker

Certification : CE/ISO etc.

whole machine: OEM

Min.order quantity: 1 Set

Warranty: 1 Year

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Our organization is marketing a medium-sized excavator attachment, the top of which will be tied to the excavator pole, which is operated by oil pressure and is of good quality for rock breaking and other applications. Our organization has always followed the international general guidelines for machinery manufacturing. All of the accessories and components for our excavators' connections are custom ordered from China and other nations. All gear and parts in our company are guaranteed to be approved by higher management.

Our company's equipment includes a central drive system, an oil leaked control handset, an oil pressure management device, a nitrogen buffer device, a vibrations crushing drilling rod, and various bits. Our company's product is a useful tool for a variety of field jobs. It is mostly utilized for desert road building, demolition of old roads, asphalt pavement maintenance, the creation of new communities, and the reconstruction of old settlements


REQUIRED OIL FLOW(L/min) 100-150
IMPACT RATE(bpm) 400-800


Our organization has always prioritized customer service. Every merchandise will be delivered safely to the customer's location by our firm. Our organization has long-term relationships with product painting suppliers and freight forwarders. We also assist consumers' preferred agents. Our company's products have a one-piece minimum order quantity, and the more orders we place, the more services we can supply. All of our company's products are available for purchase on our website, and we also offer a variety of services. We have a dedicated technical staff, and the shape and paint color of all of our items, as well as numerous parts and materials, can all be customized to meet customer needs. Everyone is invited to contact us via our Facebook page or by email.

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