Research and Development Process of Portable Hydraulic Breaker at Yantai Sanyu Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

In recent years, when I interviewed some small and micro excavator, skid steer operators and owners, I heard them talk about the expectation that our company would develop a portable hydraulic breaker that could be attached to their 0.5 to 0.8 ton excavator or skid steer loader.
Because I studied mechanical design when I was in college, I have been engaged in the design and development of hydraulic engineering machinery since graduating in 2003. After testing the hardness range of the work object, we determined that the weight of the portable breaker to be developed will not exceed 40kg at the first stage.
In the process of research and development, we learned the experience of designing other models of hydraulic breakers in the past, and changed the shape of the breaker main body, the weight and position of some parts.
Under the premise of ensuring constant hydraulic oil flow and working pressure, the R&D team has had many discussions. Compared with the initial design, the weight of the first sample has been reduced by 30% (to about 28 kg). After one month’s hard work of the R&D team, the design of the drawings and the compilation of the processing technology were completed; then the purchasing department ordered materials and special tools, and the production started after the production clamps were completed, and the first product before heat treatment were produced in a week;


After subsequent heat treatment, grinding, cleaning, and assembly, the unpainted sample hammer looked like a model missile.
When it came to the stage of testing the impact force and impact frequency of the hammer, the high and low pressure oil pipes were firmly connected to the independent hydraulic pump station. It is estimated that the mood of our employees involved in the research and development at this time is the same as the mood of the missile developers before launching the missile, excited and a little nervous.
As the hydraulic oil valve on the independent hydraulic pump station was gradually opened, the chisel started to move. When the indicator meter reached 10L/min, the sound of the chisel impacting the test anvil began to echo in the test workshop, and the sample hammer was successfully trial-produced, a smile appeared on everyone's face.


Post time: Jun-08-2022