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In 2019, Fushan Branch of Sanyu Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. was established and the plant and new equipment were put into operation. In order to respond to the call of the local municipal government, Yantai Sanyu Machinery & Equipment Co., Ltd. began to plan to invest in the opening of a production branch, after several field visits by the leaders, finally decided to open the branch in the western orientation of Yantai City, Fushan District, No. 216, Fenghuang Mountain Road.

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In the first half of 2020, while actively preventing the new crown virus, new production equipment arrived at the branch factory one after another and completed the installation; among them, the painting production line passed the environmental protection assessment inspection of relevant government departments at one time after installation and commissioning, the large office area was also renewed, and the number of new staff kept increasing, thus allowing us to have a strong foreign trade sales team; the spacious workshop and the clean and bright administrative office environment brought a pleasant mood experience to all employees, further realizing the corporate purpose of "coming to work happily, working safely and going home happily".

After the establishment of our branch, we have a brand new production workshop and several patents, we have been working hard and never stop moving forward. We also started to develop and produce mini excavators and other types of attachments, comply with the 8S management methods (organization, tidying, cleaning, cleaning, safety, saving, confidentiality, literacy), follow the "quality-oriented, customer first" business policy, in line with the "pioneering and innovative, integrity management The sales concept of "innovation, integrity management", make products with heart, do after-sales service with integrity, make products with outstanding performance, refuse to be ordinary, to become a customer-trusted brand of furniture, leading the development of the world's furniture.

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Post time: May-31-2022